Ebook Translation

E-book Translation

Why E-book Translation matters

E-book translation service has become necessary to accommodate books and publications that are not available online in only a particular language.

An e-book is an electronic book that you can read on your computer system, laptops, and other handheld devices. With the popularity of these computer powered devices, it has become necessary to translate official documents, books, and other publications so readers can read them on their devices.

Apple-Localization is one of the certified document translation services that can help with the translation of your documents. Foreign translation services have been on the increase as companies now understand the importance of eBook translation in reaching out to more persons across the globe.

Our E-book translation service

We provide English to Spanish translation services, Arabic translation services, Swahili translation services, Kru translation services and translation in so many other languages.

We have professionals who work round the clock to ensure that the translation conveys the right message just like is available in the original document.

In the process of translating, we first download the original files, which may be available in epub, Mobi or iBooks format and convert it to a format we can work with. Our professionals now take over and work on the translation with the help of a specially designed translation software to help us deliver faster.

After the software translation, we proofread to ensure the work conveys to correct meaning as was represented in the original document.

How can an EBook Translation service Help Your Business?

In today’s globalized world, it is important that you pass your message in a manner in which it can be understood and this us where translation services come into play. Translation agencies help business to reach out to their stakeholders and clients in their local languages as they help translate official documents and other E-books to the language they understand. This will help your business reach out to their clients in the appropriate language and convey the message of your business.

If you can’t communicate appropriately, you will miss out on potential clients and customers for your business.

What Apple-Localization Will Offer

Apple-Localization is a translation agency that will help your business grow globally in the following ways:

  • We will enable you to reach out to a global audience as we translate official documents, E-Books, and other documents.
  • We help you translate the documents appropriately so it conveys the actual meaning.
  • We have a good support team that will help you translate your documents to any foreign language you want.
  • We deliver quality work in a timely fashion.

Famous case studies where E-book Translation was a major factor in success/failure

We have been successful in helping our clients reach out to their audience globally, as we translate their documents into foreign languages.

One of our success stories is helping an online retail store increase sales as they were able to reach out to more clients. We were able to achieve this when we helped them translate their documents and website to several foreign languages. This enabled them to reach out to more customers globally.