Localization Intro


The future world is looking for software products as all are competing for this result to gain the customer’s trust; so we have many reasons that makes localization industry to be better. It’s not just meaning provide the translation for any product from the source language to the target one, but it also depends on the cultural background of this country which will playing the major role to feel them that they are in home.
The adaptation of customer’s needs to match the international market is our main scope; we are seeking to localize any product to be familiar with the customer. There’s no doubt that any customer is searching for the product that talks their native language. During the current contest the biggest challenge between companies is to localize software.
If you are seeking to increase your company revenue for your products; you should localize your software to be applicable with various nations which will optimize your interface and increase your insights. Apple-Localization is offering software engineering service to increase your business ranks in the global market.

Apple-Localization is providing a wide range of software localization services

GUI translation

We are providing many localization services for several electronic and machinery software like
(Medical devices, machinery, office, telecommunication technologies and mobile applications). We localize internal text/menus/commands related to devices respecting international codes and standards.

Online help and documentation translation

Apple-Localization also offer localization of online help in HLP or CHM formats, created from HTML or RTF files, or from DTP applications (e.g. Frame Maker) using RoboHelp or similar tools.
Adapting and compiling using software engineering
Fixing software bugs and altering size
Checking how the software functions and is being used (Quality Assurance)

Software bidirectional enabling

At the final stage, we have committed teams of translators, localization engineers and developers, work together using industry-specific software.

Localization issues

Many details should be in your software when you are going to localize your products into multiple languages.
As we mentioned before we should appropriate the localized content with the customer’s culture like: (names, addresses, dates and other data) we need to make sure that the data input format fits the user’s culture.
– Does it default to the user’s language?
– When the user is required to submit input do the keyboard characters default to the user’s language?
– Are error messages in the translated languages being resolved quickly?