Software Translation

Software Translation

What is Software Translation and why it matters

Software translation is the act of translating software from the original language it was designed to a target language. For instance, if your software was designed in English and you would love to extend your services to a country like China, you will have to translate your software to Chinese so as to easily capture the local market in China using the support of Apple-Localization. Software and website localization are now becoming inevitable for almost every company regardless of the high costs and time involved.

In Apple-Localization the software localization process involves more than just hiring someone to change the words of your software into other languages. You need a software localization company like Apple-Localization who understands what works (and what doesn’t) in other cultures. And one who understands the technical requirements involved. Forget the saying ‘the world is getting smaller’, it has gotten smaller. Advances in transport and communications technology combined with the development of a world economy have resulted in people from different nations, cultures, languages and backgrounds now communicating, meeting and doing business with one another more than ever. This has caused for a greater need for cultural adaptation. This has to be taken into consideration during the process of software translation.

Software translation and localization are crucial steps in the software development life cycle. In the global marketplace, software developers and end users do not necessarily speak the same language. Developers that invest in quality translation and localization are able to make their software accessible to a wider international market.

Accuracy and quality of translation and localization is key to delivering a valuable software product here in Apple-Localization. Developers should work with translators who are not only native speakers of the target language, but are highly experienced in the developers’ specific industry. The benefits for developers are twofold: First, native speakers know and understand the cultural and linguistic nuances of their language. Second, translators who are subject matter experts are familiar with industry jargon and can deliver accurate, industry-specific translations. By investing in high-quality software translation services, developers are able to tap a wider market, increase sales and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Software translation has some benefits which includes the following;

  • Increased Awareness – Software localization enables the local or target markets easily grasp information about your software and its functionalities that will make them comfortable using and fully exploiting your product.
  • Increased Sales – Translating and localizing your software increases your ability to communicate directly to potential clients in their native language. They will then be impressed to make more purchases from your business as they seem to be party to it. The only way of increasing sales is by increasing product and or service awareness among the target market, this awareness will be boosted only if the potential clients are able to understand your brand in their language. It is very interesting and more productive to do business in the language that clients are comfortable with.
  • Widen Client Base – Software translation enables any business to extend its services or products to any region worldwide. This means your service/product will not be limited to a specific market. A wider coverage means a wider customer base for any business. Stop struggling within a smaller market space yet your service has more demand outside there! Think global, open your corridors to a worldwide space by simply combining the use of internet and website location to capture foreign markets.