Transcription Services

What are transcription services?

Long conversations and talks take place when any kind of dictation, interview, speech, event or meeting is held. A transcription service will turn those conversations and interactions into documents that are typed to ensure an accurate representation. This means that the transcription service needs to be done by a professional localization agency.

Localization is not to be confused with translation. A translation is simply text that is meant to convey the same message in another language as the original message. Localization is a more complex and comprehensive service. It requires that the linguistic and regional issues of a specific target audience are taken into account.

This means that the document needs to be translated to a language, but also to a specific way of speaking that language and to any kind of cultural differences that might create politically incorrect situations. For example, an African languages provider would need to consider many regional differences when creating the documents depending on the needs of their client.

How can transcription services help your business?

Transcription services are extremely useful and essential in many different fields. They are used by professionals in many fields including medicine, law, and entertainment. The Main advantage of using transcription services is that you will save time and money by avoiding the investment of a full-time employee. You also save on the transcription software and licensing that is required for the job.

Ensuring top quality standards in the documents provides is a key element for any business. If your documents are not localized for their target audience, this will make your business seem unprofessional, while an accurate transcription is going to provide excellent results.

Five things you didn’t know about transcriptions

  1. Based on the time it takes to listen to recorded material, a transcription will often take at least 3 times the effort and the time to be finished.
  2. Bad sound quality and overlapping voices will increase the time it takes to create professional documents.
  3. The skills and education for region-based transcription are essential requirements for any professional that is hired for this task.
  4. The use of transcriptions engages a larger audience that prefers to read text or needs text for any particular reason.
  5. Transcriptions help with search engine optimization as this creates more quality content for engines to index. This is crucial for a successful campaign.

What to do and what not to do with transcriptions?

Creating a professional transcription is always going to be a challenge. The most important thing for any business to do is to hire experienced transcribers to get the job done. This is the best way to ensure the most reliable results when receiving your documents. Finding the best website translation services is also going to be crucial.

You want to avoid making the mistake of doing this on your own. The process of transcribing is one that requires experience and you could end up ruining a very important document if you try to give this task to anyone in your office. It takes more than proper grammar and writing experience to create a professional transcription.

Case studies where transcriptions became a major factor in success

Cabletv often hires our transcriptionists to help them turn their interviews into properly written transcripts. They know the immense value and power of making transcriptions available at their website. The same goes for a large number of popular successful social media influences like Lewis Hilsenteger, Tai Lopez, and Emily Richett. The list of success stories that relate to transcription services is nearly endless.

Why choose Apple-Localization?

Finding the best service is going to be crucial for your business to succeed. Apple-localization has a team of highly trained transcribers with years of experience. We are committed to excellence and we ensure the highest levels of quality with every single transcription we provide to our clients. We have certified translation offices in Dubai and we are always ready to provide the best transcriptions to our customers.