Training Localization

Training Localization

If you are ready to take your website, product or service to the next level, you need to think globally.  Trying to bridge the global market alone is a daunting task that will cost you time and money. Apple-Localization will help you make this transition smoothly from start to finish using our Training Localization services.

What are the Benefits to using a Localization Agency?

Localization agencies are highly trained professionals who will help you launch your project internationally.

When taking your products or services across the globe, there is much more to consider than just language barriers.  Cultural differences must be accounted for, as well.  A localization agency like Apple-Localization takes these factors into account and provides international customers with products and services presented to them in their native language.

What is Localized Training?

Training localization involves translating training to other languages in a way that acknowledges local cultures. When done correctly by a professional localization agency, the training has the look and feel of the target audience’s native language.

Localizing training to bridge the gaps between your product and services and your potential international customers is currently in high demand.  Apple-Localization understands the importance of localizing training and offers software engineering services to help you reach your full potential in the global market.

Notable Translation Fails in Advertising

Several large companies have had translations fall flat when transitioning to the international market.

KFC  had a blunder when it’s United States English tagline of “Finger Lickin’ Good” translated to the not so friendly “We’ll eat your fingers off” in China.

Schweppes Ginger Ale didn’t quite mean the Italian translation of “Toilet water” in Italian when it launched its international campaign with the product description of Tonic Water.

The Gerber baby food company labels all jars of baby food with their logo and a small, smiling baby.  Ethiopians, who have come to accept that what is on the label is in the jar or can of food they are buying, were not amused.

Pampers reached across the ocean to Japan with the signature Pampers stork carrying a baby in a blanket.  Japanese consumers were confused because storks do not bring babies in their culture; this is American folklore that is unfamiliar to them.

A large multinational banking industry had to change its tagline from “Assume nothing” when it was revealed that the line was translated as “Do nothing.”

Hiring the right Localization Agency can keep you from making mistakes that are costly, embarrassing, and potentially harmful to your message when translating it overseas.

Why Choose Apple-Localization?

Apple-Localization has been in the virtual industry since 2011, but its growing reputation saw our first office launch in the heart of Cairo’s financial district in 2016.  In the years following, we have expanded our localization agency to South America, Europe, Asia and the United States.

There are many translation and localization agencies to choose from, but Apple-Localization is the most versatile for all of your translation needs.  Our staff is fluent in in over 170 languages and dialects, but our professionals do so much more than just translate.  We have doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, financial advisors and many more professionals to help your product, project or service evolve internationally.

Contact us today and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.